Learn Basic Knowledge about Blogging before You Start

Assalamu Alaikum, you may have heard the word “Blogging or Blog“. Many of you already know about it and interested to know more details. Here I am going to write about what a blog is, what you need to start…

Assalamu Alaikum, you may have heard the word “Blogging or Blog“. Many of you already know about it and interested to know more details. Here I am going to write about what a blog is, what you need to start blogging, how to start blogging, how to make money from a blog, etc.

What is Blog?

First of all, we should know what a blog is. A blog is an online based and website based publication where you can publish articles, pictures, information, videos. There are many of us who like to write about different things.

But usually there is a lot of trouble in publishing your writing in books or magazines. However, you can now publish your writing online by writing a blog if you want.

The happiest thing is that you can earn a very good amount of money in a lifetime through blogs. The moment you sleep, the moment your income continues. Even if you are not in this world, your blog will not stop earning. Maybe not believing, let’s know the details.

Why do Blogging

Suppose you type something and then do a Google search, then you will find a list of many blogs or websites on that topic. You can learn a lot from visiting all these sites.

Similarly, when you know something well and post about it on your own blog or any other blog site, others will find your writing while searching for that topic and they will also know. They can also benefit from this.

Why you should start Blogging

  • Be able to express your thoughts and opinions on recent, and various events that have taken place.
  • What you learn can help others learn
  • You can gradually become a better writer.
  • Through blogging, you can be confident, inspiring and making an impact among your readers or visitors.
  • Last but not least, blogging is a great way to earn a living from AdSense, affiliations and sponsorships.

Everything you need to do Blogging

In addition to easier availability and making money online, blogging is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. It is possible to earn a good and respectable living from a blog at home.

But can everyone blog? The answer to this question on my part is No. This is not possible by everyone. This does not mean that you cannot. You too can be successful like many others by blogging.

Good skills or knowledge in any field

Only if you have good skills, experience or knowledge in any one subject are you qualified to blog. If you don’t blog despite your qualifications, I would say you’re wasting a huge potential.

Suppose you know how to cook well, you know how to design or make clothes, maybe you have experience of traveling to different places, or you can write about it if you have good knowledge about computer, technology, study.

Interest and passion

If you don’t have the love or passion for writing, you can’t go far.

There are many people who have been writing for a while after hearing that blogging can be a good source of income, but on failure to get quick income, they dropped it and got involved in other activities.

I share my own story with you. I have been using the internet since 2006. I started learning web design and development for income from online. In 2012, I started a blog to share what I have learnt, the purpose of which was to make money from Google AdSense. Thus, after 2016, I created 2 more Blogs but I couldn’t get AdSense Approval.

I started another educational site called bdclass.com in early 2018 and after about 2 years I got AdSense approval. After almost 8 years of trying, I found the success of my blogging. It took about 4 months to get the first 100 USD from AdSense because the site was not very popular then. This has been possible because of my interest in blogging and the 7 years I have been involved.

Even if I had no income till now, I would not stop writing. I would continue.

If you can’t love your job, that’s not the job for you.

Computer and the Internet

Blogging requires a simple laptop or desktop computer with a fairly configuration. You can’t easily blog from a mobile or tab device.

You do not need very fast internet. It is better to have broadband, if not, you can continue to work well with mobile internet.

Computer skills

You need to know how to use some basic computer programs. Programs you need to know:

  • Internet Browser – Accessing the Internet, retrieving various information, updating blogs
  • Writing in Bengali or English / Typing / Voice Typing – The language in which you want to write a blog
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator – Editing images or creating banners, logos or designs for blogs.

Blog Website

If you have all the above qualifications, you can take blogging as your full time career or part time career. Finally you will need a blog website to publish your writing.

In my opinion blogging is a business. While all other businesses require a lot of capital, your capital in blogging is your knowledge, skills and labor. You only have to invest very little money to create your blog website. You can make a good website for 1500 to 3000 rupees.

If that’s your problem, you can instantly create a blog from Google’s popular free blogging service blogger.com. I am going to elaborate on two types of blogs, free and paid.

Blogger.com (Free Method)

If you can’t afford it right now, you can create a blog for yourself from Google’s very popular blogging service blogger.com.

Here you do not have to pay any monthly or annual fee. It’s completely free so far.

However, you need to buy a domain name according to the topic of your blog. Popular domain names are .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc. The blog you are reading now is done under my name (abdulahwal.com). The price of such a domain is 800 to 1200 rupees. .COM is the most popular and its price ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.900. However, you can get more and less at the offer price.

WordPress- WordPress.org (Paid Method)

WordPress is the easiest, free blogging and content management system in the world. To create a blog site with WordPress, you need a web hosting or web server.

Here you will have to spend for 3 items:

  1. Domain – 800 to 1000 Taka approximately
  2. Hosting – 1000 to 1500 Taka (Shared Hosting – Minimum Cost)
  3. Expert – 2000 Taka approximately

If you have the patience to do something you learn, you can create a professional blog yourself at a minimum cost (1500-2000 Taka). I will teach you how to create a professional blog yourself.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Suppose you started your blogging journey. He did a lot of good writing but how will the visitors / readers come to your blog.

Guess what information you want to know, what do you do? Do a Google search. After searching, the page lists a number of websites that have the information you searched for.

Your visitors or readers and your blog will come to search in Google or other search engines. Therefore, you need to apply some techniques in writing so that your article is at the top of the list or number 1 when a visitor searches. All you need to do to bring your blog to the beginning of Google search is search engine optimization (SEO).

You don’t have to learn it now, you can learn it by writing. And I have this blog to help you with blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

If you are interested and want to earn a decent living through blogging, start from here. Start Blogging as a Career

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